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In order to meet international data privacy law requirements, VITA policy is to delete users who have not logged into workspace.vita.com in the past 18 months or if they only downloaded approved standards from the workspace approved standards repository.  Members who only need to download free copies of published standards may do so only at www.vita.com/Standards (after logging in).

If you are sure you had a workspace account, but your password no longer works and the "Reset Password" request here does NOT send you a link within 15 minutes to change your password, it means your account here has been deleted.

If you have a login at www.vita.com, you can go there to download published standards for free.  If you do not have a login there, Please go to the Join VITA page and fill out a new "
Employee of Member Company Registration - Free" application.  In the application form, select the radio button for "Download Published Standards Only"  if you are only interested in downloading standards (you will receive a login at www.VITA.com where you can download them for free) or if you also want to actively participate in standards development working groups select the "Active Working Group Participation" radio button (in addition to a login at www.VITA.com you will receive a login here at workspace.vita.com where you can join and participate in working groups).  After your company membership and personal information is validated, your account(s) will be activated.  We apologize for this inconvenience.