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VITA Workspace

This collaboration area provides all of the tools needed to facilitate standards development.

  • Remember that there are two VITA websites.
    •  www.VITA.com for membership management and event registration, downloading published standards
    • Workspace.vita.com (this site) technical standards development activities (working groups).
  • Already have a Workspace account? Log in now.
  • Need a Workspace account? Your company MUST be a registered member before your personal account will be approved. You also MUST use an email domain that is from a registered member company to register. To create an individual account, visit www.VITA.com/join, select the "Employee of Member Company" button. Your application will be reviewed and approved if there is a matching company membership.  In the application form, indicate if you are only interested in downloading published standards (you will receive a login to www.VITA.com) or if you also want to actively participate in standards development working groups (in addition to a login to www.VITA.com you will receive a login here at workspace.vita.com where you can join working groups).